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Save the Date for the 2019 Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival!

November 7-10, 2019

Join us in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina for four more days of stimulating conversations on literature, art, history, politics and so much more!

We can’t wait to see you here!

#C2C18: Spotlight on Speakers: Bill Goldstein and Alexandra Harris

Was World War I the event that served as the turning point of an era and the birth of Modernism? This is the question that American author, Bill Goldstein, and English author, Alexandra Harris aim to answer. Goldstein and Harris will be speaking on this subject at Charleston to Charleston at their shared session, The World Broke in Two, on November 11. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome these authors to the festival this year!

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#C2C18: Spotlight on Speakers: John Avlon and Elliot Ackerman

Two weeks ago, we at Charleston to Charleston introduced you to our speaker, Lynsey Addario, one third of the rock star team making up the team of our Friday night marquis festival event: Chronicling Conflict. This week’s speaker spotlight is shining brightly on the other two thirds of that team: John Avlon and Elliot Ackerman, two authors with unique professional backgrounds and individual ways of experiencing conflict.  

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#C2C18: Spotlight on Speakers: Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario has been photographing humanitarian crises around the world for over twenty years. A photojournalist by trade, she has worked for The New York Times, National Geographic, and Time Magazine. Most recently, she published a New York Times Bestselling book, “It’s What I Do”, which chronicles her personal and professional life as a photojournalist in a post-9/11 world.

In the mid-1990s, Addario moved from New York to New Delhi, India to cover life in South Asia, and began documenting women’s rights in traditional and oppressive cultures. From here, she traveled to Afghanistan three times to collect images and stories of the lives of women under Taliban rule. After 9/11, she covered stories in many countries including Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Congo. American Photo Magazine named Addario one of the five most influential photographers of the past 25 years in 2015, and said “[she] changed the way we saw the world’s conflicts.”

We are so lucky to have Addario joining us at #C2C18! Come hear her speak on with CNN commentator John Avlon and author and former Marien Elliot Ackerman in their talk, “Chronicling Conflict,” on Friday, November 9, at 6 p.m.  Tickets are on sale now.

#C2C18: Opening Night Candlelight Gala

The Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival mission is to encourage rational discourse and promote a willingness to learn, listen, and discuss. In other words, this annual gathering is a celebration; a celebration of literature, scholarly ideas, and creative minds. What better way to celebrate than by joining us for our Opening Night Candlelight Gala?  

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Charleston Festival 2018

Hello, friends! 

Typically, posts on the Charleston to Charleston News page will read more like articles, but I'm taking the liberty of writing to you today as me, Leah Rhyne. Some of you know me already. I'm the Festival Coordinator for the C2C Literary Festival, and I met many of you back in November. I spend most of my time working for the Charleston Library Society, one of the two sister organizations that have worked together to create Charleston to Charleston, Inc.

As such, I'm quite familiar with the value and aesthetic of the Library Society here in South Carolina. I love it. It's my home away from home. I love wandering the stacks of books, trailing a finger across the spines. I love browsing our vaults, where I always wind up leafing through antebellum newspapers, reading accounts of parties or battles, both of which raged centuries ago. I've thus far brought to the C2C Literary Festival table a sense of place here in South Carolina.

With the Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex, England, I was far less familiar. I'd heard stories and seen photos of the home in the British countryside that Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant "decorated" with their paintings and sculptures. And as half of the C2C partnership, I of course appreciated the contributions of the farmhouse to arts and culture.

But I didn't get it. I truly didn't.

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#C2C17: Divided We Stand: The Battle Over Women's Rights

Saturday, November 4, at the Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival opened with Divided We Stand: The Battle Over Women's Rights. Marjorie Spruill, historian and professor at the University of South Carolina, spoke about her new book, Divided We Stand, which was recently named one of the Smithsonian Magazine's top ten history books of 2017. In discussion with Spruill on this important, timely topic were Belinda Gergel, former Chair of the History and Political Science at Columbia College, and Margaret Bradham Thornton, award winning editor of the Notebooks of Tennessee Williams. 

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#C2C17: Small Worlds: Charleston Connections

While the Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival kicked off on Thursday, November 2, with the screening of BREATHE, our official launch event was Friday, November 3, with Small Worlds: Charleston Connections, an exploration of the very few degrees of separation between two of our British guests and our home base of Charleston, South Carolina. 

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