c2c festival faqs

How can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased safely and securely online here

What ticket packages are offered?

Information on ticket packages for 2019 is coming soon! 

When and where can I pick up my tickets?

There are several ways of accessing tickets to C2C.

  • If you purchased individual event tickets online, your receipt and/or online ticket will get you into all of your scheduled lectures and receptions. Whether printed or saved to your phone, we’re happy to seat you once we see your ticket. Additionally, if you were mailed tickets by a C2C staff member, they will also grant you access to your events.

  • VIP All Access Passes and All Session Passes can be picked up at the C2C Registration Desk at the Charleston Library Society (164 King Street). You will receive a lanyard with your pass to wear for easy access to events.

  • Each event will have a guest list. If you lose or forget your tickets, we’ll still make sure you get into your events by checking your name against the guest list.

Why is there a Donate button on the C2C Web site?

Charleston to Charleston, Inc., the parent company behind the Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival, is a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization. Funded by private sponsorships and donations from attendees like you, we hope to continue bringing today’s hottest thinkers to the Holy City for years to come!

Ever conscious of the need to be good stewards of all funds, we ensure all monies raised are used to benefit the festival and our community at large.

How will I find events if I am unfamiliar with the city?

Printed maps will be available with all locations and addresses documented for all our guests’ convenience.

Will books be available for sale?

Absolutely! First and foremost, we’re here to listen. To learn. We want you to walk away from our author talks much to think about, and the best way to do that is to carry a copy of their words with you!

We will have a bookstore at the C2C Headquarters in the Charleston Library Society (164 King Street). The shop will be open during all sessions at the Library Society.

Additionally, there will be pop-up book sales at The Dock Street Theatre before and after each program. 

Will authors be signing books?

Again, absolutely! Our authors are as excited to meet you, their readers, as you are to meet them.

Signings will take place for thirty minutes onsite following each lecture. You’ll have time to purchase books and get them signed after each event.