#C2C17: Bloomsbury and Charleston: Tradition and Modernism

One of the biggest surprises to some of our local C2C organizers has to be how much of a passion for the Bloomsbury group exists here in Charleston. Thus we were thrilled to offer the first of our Bloomsbury-inspired panel discussions, Bloomsbury and Charleston: Tradition and Modernism, with Frances Spalding and Barbara Bellows Rockefeller.

The two are experts in their fields; Spalding is an art historian and the biographer of Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, and Roger Fry, while Rockefeller has written many pieces about the Charleston Renaissance, including a biography of Josephine Pinckney. 

Theirs, then, was a talk full of enlightening information for lovers of the Bloomsbury Group and fans of the Charleston Renaissance as well. The connections between these groups are vast and far-reaching, and audience members learned much and laughed more.