#C2C17: Meditions on Greatness

Sometimes, a moment feels...special. Unique. Exciting. The Meditations on Greatness panel at the Charleston to Charleston Literary Festival was, in the opinion of this writer at least, one of those moments.

The panel featured Nigerian author/poet Ben Okri, a Booker Prize winner, along with Charleston's own Jonathan Green, an artist as lauded for his activism as he is for his way with a paintbrush. 

In a voice deep and strong, Okri opened the panel with an invocation. It was a moment of gratitude for all gathered in the Library Society that day, warm and welcoming. He spoke about the challenges facing us today, the noise and the fears scratching at every door. He spoke of kindness and love, and of being brave every day.

Green added his own meditations on art and wisdom, and the panel came to a close with a second invocation of peace and mindfulness for the entire world.

The audience, young and older alike, were rapt, and after the panel the lines stretched across the massive room as guests clamored for a chance to greet literary and artistic royalty.